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MUARA, Friday, 09 April 2021 – The Closing Ceremony of the Acting Petty Officer Leadership and Management Course 1/2021 marked the successful completion of the course and its 28 participants. Present to officiate the ceremony as the Guest of Honour was Commander Mohd Azrin bin Hj Mahmud, RBN, Commanding Officer KDB DARULAMAN / Acting Fleet Chief of Staff. Also in attendance were invited Head of Departments as well as Instructors.

The ceremony commenced with the recitation of the Surah Al-Fatihah by Acting Petty Officer Hj Md Arif Bin Hj Abbas, RBN followed by the recitation of Surah Saad verse 22-27 by Acting Petty Officer Abdul Hafiiz Bin Hj Adanan, RBN. This was the followed by an appreciation speech delivered by Acting Petty Officer Muhd Aizuddin bin Hj Saini, RBN, the appointed Course Leader, in which he briefly touched on their expected struggles to cope with the demands of the course, though satisfyingly prevailing in the end after collectively pulling their efforts together.

The Guest of Honour then presented the participants their certificates, culminating in the presentation of Special Award Certificates to the most improved and best overall students. These coveted awards are for those who have demonstrated significant improvements over the duration of the 3 weeks, evaluated by their willingness to contribute and further evident in their results, and also to the candidate who have achieved the highest overall marks. 

Following the certificate presentations, the Guest of Honour proceeded to deliver a few remarks of his own. Crucially, he wanted all participants to understand the responsibility that have been bestowed upon them, the need for them to constantly learn and adapt to better understand the ever changing environment and more importantly, to be an excellent example of those not only looking up to them, but to those equivalent of even higher.

The Acting Petty Officer Leadership and Management Course is a mandatory generic course across all services. Apart from enabling an Acting Petty Officer to be eligible for promotion to Substantive in the rank, the course is essentially to provide participants the tools necessary for them to find their leadership and management styles, that they would be able to easily adopt however not straying far from the very basics of being a mid-level leader / manager.