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MUARA, Monday, 03 June 2024 - The Royal Brunei Navy (RBN) and Indonesian Navy (IDN) have successfully conducted the Initial Planning Conference (IPC) for Exercise HELANG LAUT 21B/24. The IPC  was held at the Naval Training Centre hosted by the Royal Brunei Navy (RBN), which welcomed four officers from the IDN, namely namely Commander Mohammad Homsin, Staff Officer for Exercise, IDN HQ, as the Head of the IDN Delegation, with him were: Lieutenant Commander Andhika Dian Sidik Permana, Staff Officer for Exercise, IDN HQ, Lieutenant Commander Faishal Ramandalush Assany, Staff Officer for Exercise, IDN HQ and Lieutenant Commander Agung Ridwan Haryanto, Staff Officer For Exercise, Second fleet command. 

The IPC was held from 03 to 06 June 2024 as an early planning to prepare for the final exercise. Lieutenant Commander Mohammad Aliashim bin Alias, RBN, the head of the RBN delegation, emphasized the importance of Exercise HELANG LAUT as it symbolises the long-standing relationship between the RBN and IDN.

The aspect discussed within the IPC covers the prospects of the proposed Harbour, Sea, and Post-Exercise phases, participating forces, and the administration and logistics required to ensure a smooth execution of Exercise HELANG LAUT. This year’s final exercise was proposed to be hosted by the IDN’s Second Fleet Command in Surabaya, Indonesia.

In the closing remarks of IPC, Commander Mohammad Homsin, IDN, expressed his excitement and satisfaction with the discussion, which was coordinated fruitfully and professionally, and looked forward to the next phase of the Final Planning Conference.