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MUARA, Tuesday, 09 April 2024 – The Royal Brunei Navy (RBN) leadership, led by the Acting Commander of the Royal Brunei Navy (RBN), Captain Haji Mohd Sarif Pudin bin Matserudin, RBN accompanied by members of the RBN Executive Board, embarked on a heartfelt initiative to extend warm Hari Raya Aidilfitri wishes to personnel across various departments within the Royal Brunei Navy. This special visit was conducted in the spirit of camaraderie and unity as the holy month of Ramadhan draws to a close.


In celebration of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and enlivening the festive spirit, the Acting Commander and the Executive Board members visited different departments of the Royal Brunei Navy to convey their greetings and well-wishes to RBN officers and personnel. In his remarks, the Acting Commander emphasized prioritizing safety and security during the Hari Raya celebration. He suggested practical measures such as securing homes, maintaining hygiene, avoiding negative activities, practising safe driving habits, and staying aware of surroundings. These actions contribute to a joyful and peaceful Hari Raya for everyone involved.


The departments visited include RBN Headquarters, Base, Medical Reception Station and Fire Department, Integrated Weapon Centre (IWC), Naval Training Centre, Fleet Headquarters, Support Service Headquarters, and the Naval Surface Action Group (NAVSAG).


The visits were characterised by a spirit of camaraderie and mutual respect, reflecting the close-knit community within the RBN. During these visits, the Acting Commander and Executive Board members took the opportunity to engage with officers and personnel, exchanging warm greetings and fostering a sense of unity to ensure that no one was left unappreciated.


The RBN's commitment to excellence extends beyond operational readiness; it encompasses the well-being and morale of every sailor and officer. These personal interactions serve as a reminder that the RBN is more than an institution—it is a tightly-knit community working together to protect Brunei's maritime interests.