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MUARA, Wednesday, 22 June 2022 – In commemorating the Royal Brunei Navy's (RBN) 57th Anniversary, RBN Senior Rates held a Mess Dinner Night at the Senior Rates' Mess, Muara Naval Base.

Present as the Guest of Honour was Commander Hj Suhailee Bin Pungut, Commandant Support Services of the Royal Brunei Navy along with his wife, Julianah Binti Hj Jeffery. The Guest of Honour was welcomed by Warrant Officer 1 Mohammad Alimin Bin Hj Roslan, President of the Mess Committee (PMC), Royal Brunei Navy Senior Rates' Mess and his wife, Suziyati Binti Hj Sarwadi.

A total of one hundred and ninty-seven (197) sailors from Royal Brunei Navy attended the event including the Navy Sergeant Major, Drill Sergeant Major, Warrant Officers and other RBN Senior Rates. The event commenced with the recitation of Doa Selamat led by Warrant Officer 2 Sulaiman Bin Hj Yusof and commenced with the dinner. During the event, the Commandant gave an address appreciating the families' of Royal Brunei Navy Senior Rates, acknowledging the family institution as a Senior Rates pillar of strength in carrying out their duties. Furthermore, the Commandant highlighted the importance of unity to build stronger bonds, good time management in order to have proper work-life balance and the correct application of decision making. Prior to ending his address, the Commandant proceeded to acknowledge and congratulate Royal Brunei Navy Senior Rates on their achievements throughout the year. The event was also accompanied with musical performances by Royal Brunei Navy band personnel.

All members of the Royal Brunei Navy Senior Rates' Mess Committee and their spouses also had the opportunity to interact with the Guest of Honour and his wife, as well as other senior rates and spouses who were present during the event. Towards the end of the evening the event concluded with the signing of parchment by Commander Hj Suhailee Bin Pungut, Commandant Support Services of the Royal Brunei Navy.