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MUARA, Thursday, 10th June 2021, 68 kindergarten students from St Andrew's school made a visit to the Royal Brunei Navy's DARUSSALAM Class patrol vessel, KDB DARUSSALAM AND KDB DARULEHSAN.

Students along with 9 of their teachers were divided into two groups and was given a tour of two of the DARUSSALAM class patrol vessels where the kindergarten students had the opportunity to explore the compartments such as the ship's bridge, flight deck and the sick bay.

The tour was led by the divisional officers and department heads where the children were given a brief demonstration and explanation on the functionalities of the equipment and systems onboard the ship. The exposure was thought to ignite their future aspirations in learning about maritime security and defence to prepare and equip the students with knowledge and skills of the 21st century in line with achieving the Wawasan Brunei 2035.

Children on both ships were enthusiastic and the crew was glad to have had shared this experience with them in hopes that the visit would spark their ambitions and form an appreciation of the Royal Brunei Navy.

The brief tour ended with light refreshments and a group photo session along with some of the crew onboard respective ships.