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Tuan Yang Terutama Pehin Datu Panglima Colonel (B) HajiAbdJalil Bin Haji Ahmad became the RBN Commander from 05 February 1995 to 13 June 2002. TYT Pehin enlisted into AngkatanMelayuDiraja Brunei in 1972 when RBN was still called as AngkatanLautPertama AMDB (ALP AMDB) first established. It was his ambition to join the armed forces since he was young.

His first appointment was Executive Officer of KDB PAHLAWAN which had 30 crewmen. During that time, missile launch drill was organize by him, using SS11 and SS12 where Pelong Rock Island used as a target.

Looking back to the early 70's, TYT Pehin always encountered illegal immigrants vessels especially from Vietnam in the water of Brunei Darussalam. This caused all ships in the Fleet at that time to be on guard and ready at all times to be dispatched. One of his patrols, the ship that he was onboard towed an illegal immigrants vessel for security purposes. Unfortunately, towing line had to be cut because of bad weather and sea state to prevent mishaps.

His advice to RBN officers is to be updated with the current affairs, especially in terms of information and technologies. Other than that, young officers and other ranks have to be nurtured with positive upbringing so that they can have a strong will to learn to become RBN personnel with great caliber