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Lieutenant Colonel (R) Hj Mohammad Shahri bin Hj Mohammad Ali was the Commander of the Royal Brunei Navy. After he completed his six months recruit training, he had chosen the Royal Brunei Navy as his first choice. When he first stepped into the navy, Lt Col HjMohdShahri was exposed to sea navigation training and goodwill visit to Kota Kinabalu, Sabah onboard KDB PAHLAWAN in the year 1969. Following after that in the same year, he attended Officer Cadet Course at Port Sea, Australia and Academic Course at Cerebus, Australia. Upon completion of the course he was promoted to Sub-Lieutenant and undergo Long Navigation training onboard Royal Navy ship.

He has a vision to see the advancement of the Royal Brunei Navy and able to compete with the regional navies in terms of professionalism. The advancement are; the expansion of the naval base and replacement of old ships, role improvement, developing a Navy Band and filling in all the positions in the Royal Brunei Navy and TEMD. He recommended and advised to all RBN personnel to act as one in any situation in the future.

"All navy personnel need to have a mature mentality and not to be present just to fulfill the vacancies offered. Let the Navy be the core job to reach for a pure intention and sincerity in performing duties and responsibilities. The responsibility of officers and head of departments is to take care the welfare of the subordinates and tackle their problems faced by them."