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RBN Fleet

The DARUSSALAM Class, which consists of 4 Patrol Vessels (PVs), 3 was commissioned in 2011, while KDB DARUTTAQWA was commissioned in 2014. These recently acquired assets have enhanced the Navy's capabilities in maintaining presence and response in our maritime focal areas with its secondary role is to provide Humanitarian Assistant & Disaster Relief whenever required. 

The Fleet is further complemented with 4 Fast Patrol Boats, The IJHTIHAD Class and a Singapore-Made, 25-metre Fast Interceptor Boat, KDB MUSTAED.

In support of other units such as the Royal Brunei Land Force, the Support Squadron has supplemented the Fleet with four existing Landing Crafts which are mainly used as a means of Mobilising Land Forces Light and Heavy vehicles as well as personnel through rivers. These Vessels are named after KDB DAMUAN, KDB PUNI, KDB SERASA and KDB TERABAN.

Naval Surface Action Group

In complementing RBN's maritime response capability, the NAVAL SURFACE ACTION GROUP has been established to support the fleet's operational tasking in conducting Search And Rescue (SAR), underwater clearance and maritime interdiction operations.